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Protecting Enterprise iOS Devices

Ipad in the enterprise

The job of the IT professional involves a lot more than fixing stalled printer queues and faulty computer screens. Today, information security should be a top priority for any business, yet so many fail to find the proper solutions to employ these safeguards. The advent of mobile technology (more than 34 million iPads have been sold in the U.S. alone) means that mobile device management, particularly iPad management and ipad security, is another caveat to the growing need for IT security.

A new trend in technology that is requiring implementation of iphone enterprise management software is referred to as BYOD. It means, Bring Your Own Device to work, and 66 percent of employees surveyed want to do just that as well as choose their own Apple mobile device. The problem lies in the fact a measly nine percent of companies with a BYOD policy have iPhone management or iPhone security measures in place. Hence the growing and urgent need for mobile device management, such as iPhone enterprise management software, to secure company data, manage passwords, and restrict access in the event of a mobile device mishap.

Security measures, like iPhone enterprise management software, allow IT managers to control employee applications on iOS devices. For example, iphone enterprise management software helps IT staff easily integrate email encryption, wipe out device data if said device is lost, protect devices with a passcode lock, and autowipe devices if there are too many failed unlock attempts. IPhone enterprise management software also enables IT managers to constantly distribute updated security policies to circumvent the constantly changing world of IT threats.

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