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ActiveSync Android Policies Or You Will Regret Not Doing So

Activesync security policies

If your company is looking to streamline the set up and enrollment procedures mobile devices, an MDM system is the right solution. If you are looking to ActiveSync Android mobile devices, finding the right solution to manage all devices is important to ultimately ensure the overall protection of your network and your company data. When you wish to ActiveSync Android devices, there are software applications that are available that you can add to your network to make sure that your employees can access their email, but have a secure way to do this. While BYOD policies are popular, nearly 47 percent of companies that utilize them have had a security breach and this is mostly due to lack of software to manage all devices.

By 2015, experts find that nearly 55 percent of the mobile devices that are used by organizations will be owned by employees. If you want to Activesync android devices, finding a security solution that helps to track all devices for required updates is essential to the protection of your company’s future. You can find a software firm that can assist you with the creation of Activesync security policies. By selecting the right software firm, you will be able to keep all devices functioning properly. Finding a solution to make sure that devices that are utilizing Exchange ActiveSync are as secure as possible the way to keep all company data safe from landing in the wrong hands or from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

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