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Take Corporate Email On The Go With The BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Bes security policy

As wirelss networks and mobile hot spots become more widespread and the number of mobile device users grows, more employees are unplugging their email and taking their work on the go. With the ever growing number of smart phones and mobile devices on the market, BlackBerry has remained a popular choice with frequent corporate email users. Combining email access with standard phone functions made it a front runner in the business world. The easy to use, physical QWERTY keyboard has not hurt it either.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES, allows mobile device users to receive corporate email, in addition to personal email, on their mobile devices. The BES security policy also allows for greater customization of Blackberry mobile device management by the IT department of a company. The IT department can require mobile users who check their corporate accounts on their devices to apply security policies, such as password expiration dates and the ability to install third party apps such as games, just like they would if they were using a desktop computer. This type of BlackBerry mobile device management helps IT departments protect security and confidentiality of email sent within the company server.

The use of mobile devices and the importance of Blackberry mobile device management is gaining as the number of BlackBerry users grew to 77 million by the end of 2012. The ease of use of the BlackBerry and the expansion of Blackberry mobile device management programs has also contributed to 66 percent of employees wishing that the IT department of their company would allow them to sync their devices with corporate email accounts. Research In Motion, the parent company of BlackBerry, is hoping that their growing BES policy management and the bring your own device (BYOD) trend that many companies are adopting will boost sales of their new BlackBerry 10 which was released in January 2013. More.

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