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The Essential Function of High Temperature Seals

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The essential functions of high temperature seals cannot be overemphasized. While their function is rather simple, the consequences of faulty high temperature seals, gaskets, or rubber o rings can be nothing short of devastating. The first thing to come time mind is probably the Challenger disaster. The investigation into Challenger explosion was among the top stories on U.S. news programs for weeks. It was finally revealed that a malfunctioning o ring was responsible for the disaster. The rubber o rings used on the fuel rockets of the Challenger were types of high temperature seals. In the case of Challenger, the o ring did not do its job and allowed fuel to leak. This, of course, led to the explosion. In addition to o rings, other types of high temperature seals are peek seals, spring energized seals, and high temperature oil seals.

One type of high temperature seal that most adults use every day, but do not even realize it, are the gaskets under the hoods of their automobiles. The head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinders. The head gasket seals the cylinders and protects them from any potentially leaking engine fuels or engine oil. In the event that the head gasket were to fail, and it allowed oil or other fluids to enter into the cylinders, it would not be good news for the engine of the automobile. High temperature seals make the world go around. Well, they at least keep the wheels of automobiles spinning. Although high pressure seals like o rings are simple inventions, if they are not built sturdily or fitted properly, disaster is waiting to happen.

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