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Mobile Security Measures Upgraded

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Mobile phones and mobile security, like Internet security has become a huge issue over the last few years. The advent of Smartphones and other devices that hold tons of personal as well as sensitive information has made it necessary for software to be invented that controls security breaches. An Intrusion detection system can be a huge help with mobile security, since 76 percent of companies have reported that their reputation has been hurt as a result of cyber security breaches in the past.

Even our government has had its own problems with mobile security issues, reporting that it has experienced nearly 680 percent more in cyber security breaches in the past six years. The data that has been gathered on mobile security threats from the U.S. government accountability office reveals that security breaches rose from 13,017 cases in 2010 to 15,560 in 2011. Intrusion prevention systems can be put in place but this is a serious threat to security everywhere.

Many companies are not quite sure how to handle the problems with mobile security. There are many tips out there such as making sure you lock your device and having a password that is very hard for someone to break. Next generation networks and next gen network security are trying hard to make mobile security an option.

Enterprise firewall software has the ability to handle the security for a large amount of users, so this is the perfect option for companies who need a more extensive IT security system. The price of such firewall software ranges anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars according to the type of mobile security system you are looking for.

Cyber security and mobile security are a big and ongoing issue as more and more people turn to Smartphones and tablets to take care of business in their personal lives, as well as their businesses. Security breaches are to be expected and mobile security systems will be updated as the need arises. Not only are security breaches affecting peoples personal data they are threatening our country national security as well. Firewall software and other security measures are being put in place to stop the threats however, do not let your company become a target. Get mobile security today for the peace of mind of your company and your employees as well.
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