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What Do Computer Forensics Services Do?

In today’s legal world, digital evidence can make or break a case. Computer forensics is a field in which investigations are performed in order to find out what happened within a particular device (like a computer or cell phone) and who was responsible for the actions.

There are generally three steps to a computer forensics investigation: data collection, analysis, and presentation. During the data collection phase, investigators take an image of the data, providing them with evidence while preserving digital integrity. During the analysis phase, investigators dig into the data to learn more about whether a crime was committed.

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Finally, during the presentation stage, investigators present their findings to a judge and/or jury.

Digital devices constantly collect information on user behavior. Cars keep detailed records of when a person accelerates and brakes, cell phones keep detailed communication records. These reports are collected passively. This information can be vital in helping to prove someone innocent or guilty.

Computer forensics services can also work to help businesses recover their data in the event of a system crash. Computer forensics is still a fairly new field, and offers many promising career opportunities to those who are interested in combining inn technology and investigative work.

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